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    Rwenzori – What You Need To Know

    Aaah, so you have seen the photos from the Mountain Slayers Uganda trip to the Rwenzoris and now you feel the FOMO bug bite harder than ever. You have sworn, “this time, even if I end up alone”, I’m going! You have checked with different tour agents, done some research on required gear(or not), sworn to hit the road running in preparation and all. It’s a mountain of stuff to consider but thanks to the excitement, it all seems so manageable. And it is. As a club that is enthusiastic about the mountains (this was our 4th trip to the Rwenzoris), allow us share some guidance that might make your first…



    Delving Into The Mythical World Of The Bachwezi Written by: Anthony Natif & Dibo A mention of Ibanda to a casual observer will conjure up images of Mbarara’s poorer cousin; struggling for relevance in the shadow of its more illustrious neighbor. After all, it’s from Mbarara that Ibanda was curved back in 2005 with the elevation of Ibanda County to district status. To call Ibanda, Mbarara’s poorer cousin though is obviously an overly exaggerated caricature that underestimates the cultural and historical punch this place packs.  When you take a cursory look under the hood, you will find that the truth is more nuanced. Ibanda is a hidden gem. The weekend…

  • Mt. Meru 15th - 20th September
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    Mt. Meru 15th – 20th September

    Mount Meru is in Tanzania. Just to be clear. Google will tell you of a Mt Meru in India. Kenyans will swear Meru is a town in their country. So, as you’ve probably already guessed, Mt Meru is actually in Arusha, a town in the northern part of Tanzania, your gateway to Tanzania’s most famous tourist attractions.  This mountain doesn’t hide. With its imposing look, it stares down at the town and it is pretty much the first thing you’ll notice when you enter into Arusha. Most of the times it drapes itself with a blanket of cloud cover but if you are lucky to see it on its naked…

  • Mt. Rwenzori 8th - 16th July
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    Mt. Rwenzori 8th – 16th July

    Have you been to Uganda’s Western districts of Kasese, Kabarole or Bundibugyo? If yes, then you have seen it looming large on the horizon, appearing almost navy blue against the whiteness of the clouds that cover its tops. If you haven’t seen it, you have probably read, heard about or perhaps come across the phrase ‘Mountains of the Moon’ which is an old term referring to the Rwenzori mountains that straddle the Uganda – DRC border. Rwenzori Mountain is Uganda’s highest and East Africa’s 3 rd highest mountain reaching a height of up to 5,109m. This peak and other surrounding ones are permanently snow-capped. The name Rwenzori is a corruption…

  • Lake Albert 17th - 19th April
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    Lake Albert 17th – 19th April

    My oil, your oil, our oil! The earliest signs of ‘black gold’ in Uganda appeared in the colonial era as an oil seepage near Kibiro on the shores of Lake Albert. This prompted the British colonial administration to commission a government geologist called E. J. Wayland to do an evaluation of the area’s hydrocarbon potential. Wayland would go on to document numerous hydrocarbon occurrences in the Albertine Graben and issue exploration licenses in the 1920’s before realizing that the geology was too incomplete to exploit.  Oil exploration nonetheless continued intermittently through the 1930’s but came to a halt when the Second World War changed the calculus for a victorious but…

  • Ibanda 13th -15th March

    Ibanda 13th -15th March

    There is a special place in the annals of colonial history for a certain inconspicuous pile of stones just outside Ibanda town. It forms the shape of a pyramid and it marks the spot where a British colonial administrator was murdered in 1905. Harry St. George Galt arrived in Uganda filled with the dreams of grandeur and adventure that had come to be expected of a young man on Her Majesty’s service in the golden age of empire. His first assignment was tax collector for the Ankole sub region. He would later rise to Sub Commissioner of the Western Province, his last posting before the events we are about to…

  • Trekking Through the Semuliki Valley
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    Trekking Through the Semuliki Valley

    The weekend of 31st Jan-2nd February 2020, Mountain Slayers Uganda had their first slay of the calendar year in and around the land of the Bamba, Bawesi, Batuku, Batoro, Bakonjo, and Batwa; areas covered by Semuliki National Park. It gets its name from the meandering 140km River Semuliki (Semiliki) that hugs the Ugandan border with Congo between lakes Edward and Albert. It empties its waters into Lake Albert. Semuliki is a Luwisi word (language spoken by the Bamba) to mean, “there’s nothing there”. As legend has it, a white man asked a woman crossing the river with a basket on her head for what was in her overly elaborate, super-sized…

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    Ill-advised hiking gear: The story of Matilda and her oppressive Timberlands.

    What shoes one wears during their leisure activities does not count for much most of the time unless its one’s hiking shoes, somehow I forgot to highlight that part when Matilda, a first-time hiker inquired whether Timberlands would do if one intended to take a leisurely walk along the base of the Rwenzori in Kasese. I must have agreed with the nonchalance of one trying to attract the attention of a waiter at whatever watering-hole we were having this discussion. The Kilembe hike was one of those we made up on the fly. We had faith in our ability and that of the fixer on ground to find a route…



    You could have heard the corn go pap pap ka-ka-ka in the searing heat of a West Nile January. By the time we soaked in at the waters of Miriadua falls, the damage had been done. Kicking off as late as 11.30 meant that we could do very little to steer clear of the afternoon heat. But that’s as far as the misery goes. A morning breakfast of the very best vegetable samosas west of the Indian subcontinent had us fueled for what we had feared would be a very short hike. Plans for an afternoon soak in the river were already being hatched. The opening section was a mundane…

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    Named after one of the sons of Masaba, that much-revered patriarch of the Bagisu people, Wanale is believed to be the place where Nabarwa, the Kalenjin woman who prevailed upon Masaba to get circumcised before they got married, came from, on her way from Kenya. With that connection in mind, it is perhaps befitting that Wanale should overlook Mbale town, the centre of life in the land of the Bamasaba. But even something this majestic could not escape the influence of the nosy Baganda (forgive the pun) as Semei Kakungulu named it ‘Nkokonjeru’ after the many white chickens that Wanale, the person, reared. Thankfully, the name did not quite catch…