• Trekking Through the Semuliki Valley
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    Trekking Through the Semuliki Valley

    The weekend of 31st Jan-2nd February 2020, Mountain Slayers Uganda had their first slay of the calendar year in and around the land of the Bamba, Bawesi, Batuku, Batoro, Bakonjo, and Batwa; areas covered by Semuliki National Park. It gets its name from the meandering 140km River Semuliki (Semiliki) that hugs the Ugandan border with Congo between lakes Edward and Albert. It empties its waters into Lake Albert. Semuliki is a Luwisi word (language spoken by the Bamba) to mean, “there’s nothing there”. As legend has it, a white man asked a woman crossing the river with a basket on her head for what was in her overly elaborate, super-sized…