• Mt. Meru 15th - 20th September
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    Mt. Meru 15th – 20th September

    Mount Meru is in Tanzania. Just to be clear. Google will tell you of a Mt Meru in India. Kenyans will swear Meru is a town in their country. So, as you’ve probably already guessed, Mt Meru is actually in Arusha, a town in the northern part of Tanzania, your gateway to Tanzania’s most famous tourist attractions.  This mountain doesn’t hide. With its imposing look, it stares down at the town and it is pretty much the first thing you’ll notice when you enter into Arusha. Most of the times it drapes itself with a blanket of cloud cover but if you are lucky to see it on its naked…

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    Ill-advised hiking gear: The story of Matilda and her oppressive Timberlands.

    What shoes one wears during their leisure activities does not count for much most of the time unless its one’s hiking shoes, somehow I forgot to highlight that part when Matilda, a first-time hiker inquired whether Timberlands would do if one intended to take a leisurely walk along the base of the Rwenzori in Kasese. I must have agreed with the nonchalance of one trying to attract the attention of a waiter at whatever watering-hole we were having this discussion. The Kilembe hike was one of those we made up on the fly. We had faith in our ability and that of the fixer on ground to find a route…