• Lake Albert 17th - 19th April
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    Lake Albert 17th – 19th April

    My oil, your oil, our oil! The earliest signs of ‘black gold’ in Uganda appeared in the colonial era as an oil seepage near Kibiro on the shores of Lake Albert. This prompted the British colonial administration to commission a government geologist called E. J. Wayland to do an evaluation of the area’s hydrocarbon potential. Wayland would go on to document numerous hydrocarbon occurrences in the Albertine Graben and issue exploration licenses in the 1920’s before realizing that the geology was too incomplete to exploit.  Oil exploration nonetheless continued intermittently through the 1930’s but came to a halt when the Second World War changed the calculus for a victorious but…

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    Named after one of the sons of Masaba, that much-revered patriarch of the Bagisu people, Wanale is believed to be the place where Nabarwa, the Kalenjin woman who prevailed upon Masaba to get circumcised before they got married, came from, on her way from Kenya. With that connection in mind, it is perhaps befitting that Wanale should overlook Mbale town, the centre of life in the land of the Bamasaba. But even something this majestic could not escape the influence of the nosy Baganda (forgive the pun) as Semei Kakungulu named it ‘Nkokonjeru’ after the many white chickens that Wanale, the person, reared. Thankfully, the name did not quite catch…